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Our Story

We first started with hydroponics as a way to source a steady supply of produce. We like lettuce, but the stuff from the store goes bad quickly, goes out of stock or gets recalled, and is often low quality. We enjoy traditional gardening, but living in a climate where snow is on the ground for up to 6 months of the year makes outdoor growing inconsistent! As an engineer, Caleb set out to find a design that could be set up in our home and could provide 1 head of lettuce each day.

Journeying around the internet, there were some designs available, but they were all missing something. Many were built for greenhouses or patios - large, long, and susceptible to leaks. For indoor growing, most hydroponic growers resorted to the Kratky method, which did not easily scale to the production we wanted.

After doing more research and drawing up several prototypes, our first hydroponic system was ready! We used simple materials and designed the system to be compact, resistant to leaks and to provide 1 head of lettuce per day. And it actually worked!

There were several flaws with our first design, and over the past years we've made improvements and worked out the bugs. 

We weren't planning on making a website, we just wanted some produce. But as friends visited our home and asked how we built it, we decided to set up a simple website with some CAD drawings, materials list, and clear directions. We made a few simple and poorly-edited YouTube videos using our phones, showing the system and the basic ideas behind how it works. We shared it with some friends who wanted to build a similar system.

It started slow, but pretty soon we started receiving messages from people all over the world who wanted to build a system just like it. Since then, we've created more and better content along with video courses to show each step in the process of building and running a highly-productive hydroponic system in your home. 

We want to save you the time and money we've spent working through designs and figuring out this indoor hydroponic stuff!

We hope these resources are a blessing to you and yours, and that they give you the confidence that hydroponic gardening is within reach for you!

Meet The Team


We are a family of normal[ish] people, and we are eager to share our knowledge of hydroponic gardening with other normal[ish] people. If we can do it, you can too!

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