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Not Your Average Hydroponic System

When we first started with hydroponics, many of the designs we found were overcomplicated, impractical or not refined. They could accommodate just 4 plants, or required a separate system for seedlings, or could only be used outdoors because they had a risk of leaking, or used space inefficiently.

Over the past few years, we’ve done extensive testing and refinements to our design to create an efficient, productive and low-maintenance indoor hydroponic rail system that you can build and set up right in your home.

Design Features

  • Productive: Grow a continual supply of produce. 4 heads of lettuce each week!
  • Seed to Harvest: Plant a seed and put it right in the system - no need for separate seed starting setups
  • Low maintenance: Less than 1 hour of maintenance per week
  • Low ongoing cost: Grow a head of lettuce start to finish for less than $1
  • Leakproof: When properly constructed and maintained, this system will not splash, leak or overflow
  • Efficient use of space: The design places smaller plants closer together, allowing for the optimum use of space and lighting. Want more than one system? Stack them.
  • Tamper-resistant: Have kids or pets in the house? So do we. Our design is resistant to disruption from bumps, projectile kids toys and curious little engineers (though we can’t stop them from eating your plants!)

Why Hydroponics? 

Garden Year-Round

Heat, cold, snow, drought, rabbits... nothing can stop you!

No Dirt

Clean, doesn't require land, no e-coli recalls

Produce Anytime

Set up your system to have fresh produce ready to harvest whenever you want it.

Less Water

Hydroponics recycles water, so you use MUCH less than traditional gardening.

Ready to Build?

We have a FREE step-by-step guide you can follow to build this exact hydroponic system. We’ve helped thousands of people build this system and would love to help you!


Prefer Video?

We’ve also created a video course where we show in detail each step of the build process + how to use this system to grow hydroponic produce. This course goes through every single step you need to succeed with indoor hydroponics. It has helped thousands of people build and set up a hydroponic system!


Frequently Asked Questions