Go from build to BERRIES in 90 days!

I will walk you through every step, from build to harvest, in 90 days. YOU can do this!


A roadmap to success with home hydroponic strawberries!

Hydroponic Strawberries in 90 Days


One Time. Instant Access!

  • Go from building a system to harvesting juicy strawberries in 90 days (and beyond!)

  • Detailed videos for EVERY step of building your hydroponic rail system - video build guides for both a square and a round rail system!

  • Dimension drawings for multiple system configurations

  • Follow the exact process I use to grow strawberries indoors - build, set up, nutrient routine, pollination, pruning, harvesting

  • Email Consult with Caleb


Home Hydroponics Bundle: Greens and Berries!


Bundle and Save!

  • Includes our two premier courses: Hydroponic Greens and Hydroponic Strawberries in 90 Days!

  • Have fresh strawberries AND fresh greens growing right in your home!

  • Video build guides for 4 different hydroponic rail systems

  • The skills you learn from these two courses complement each other: become a better strawberry grower by also growing greens!

  • Email Consult with Caleb


Try risk-free for 30 days! If for any reason you are not satisfied with the course, let me know and I will give you a full refund. I want you to succeed with hydroponics!

How to Actually Grow BERRIES on your plants!

When we first started looking into hydroponic strawberries, it was difficult to find much helpful information. There were some videos or blog posts showing indoor strawberry plants, but very few that actually had strawberries. It's one thing to grow strawberry plants and leaves (a very important step), but in the end we want the berries!

We've spent several years testing out different methods and have developed a simple process for growing hydroponic strawberry plants that actually produce berries! We designed this course to show you each step in this process to help you on the path toward growing juicy berries.

A roadmap to success with home hydroponic strawberries all the way from build to BERRIES! 

Without a roadmap, growing indoor strawberries can be a real challenge! When we started, we had lots of questions. Do strawberries need special lighting? Which nutrients are required to get the plants to actually produce berries? Do nutrients need to change as the plant grows? What system design is best? What about pollination?

This course is designed to help you through all of those questions and provide a step-by-step roadmap of how to go from build to berries in 90 days. Follow along every step that I take as I design, build, set up and grow a home hydroponic strawberry system. The course covers things such as:

  • What is hydroponics and why does it work?
  • How to choose the design and layout of the rail system¬†that's best for your situation
  • Detailed video for EVERY step of building your hydroponic rail system
  • Follow along to build either a square 2-rail system or a round 2-rail system
  • Dimension drawings for multiple system configurations
  • Choosing plants, growing medium, nutrients, lighting, support structure and more
  • How to set up an environment that makes strawberry plants happy
  • Running¬†a nutrient routine¬†that meets the needs of the plants in each stage and promotes fruiting
  • Every step you need to take to grow strawberry plants and BERRIES!

This course also includes an email consult from Caleb.

  • Need advice on adapting the system design for your space?
  • Run into an issue? Caleb has guided lots of students through this process to growing beautiful produce!

By the end of this course, you can be harvesting strawberries right from your home!