NFT Hydroponic System Using Round Pipe

hydroponics nft rail system

I've received feedback that finding the square fence posts to build the square hydroponic rail system can be difficult in some areas. To help with this issue, I created a design that works with round pipe. This design is very simple to build and is low cost. And in my trials thus far it has been very productive!

Previously I talked about the reasons why I don't use Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) for my hydroponic systems. In its pure form, it has several disadvantages for growing indoors on a smaller scale. However, the science behind why NFT works so well is still valid, so I incorporated NFT into this design, while at the same time minimizing the drawbacks.

I'm calling this a "hybrid NFT" system, where a portion of the system is utilizing NFT and another portion is not. The mature plants are in the NFT section, utilizing the nutrient film while still having access to air for their roots. The seedlings, however, benefit from a rail with a higher water level to allow seedlings to be started right in the system.  

Watch the video to learn more about this hybrid NFT hydroponic rail system! You can get the FREE guide to build this system here.