Connections Kit


One of the biggest roadblocks to building a DIY hydroponic system is finding the materials. Especially lately, we've received feedback that finding the fittings and materials can be very difficult in some locations. To make the process easier, we've compiled kits with all the necessary fittings and tubing to make the connections within your rail system. Besides this kit, all you need are square rails (4" or 5") with end caps, a reservoir, a pump, silicone, and PVC glue and you are ready to build and set up your system!

This kit includes enough connections for a 2 or 4 square rail system. These fittings will work with 4" or 5" square rails. This kit is not compatible with a round pipe system. 

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This Kit Includes

  • 7 ft of 1/2" Tubing (reservoir to entry)
  • 6 ft of 1" Corrugated Tubing (exit to reservoir)
  • 1/2" Elbow (entry)
  • 1/2" Double Threaded Bulkhead Fitting (entry)
  • (9) 1" PVC Couplings
  • (9) 1.75" sections of 1" PVC
  • (3) 1" Socket PVC Unions
  • 1" PVC Male Conduit Fitting (exit)
  • 1" Barbed x NPT Female Elbow (exit)
  • 1" Hose Clamp (exit)

Our goal with this kit is to make it as easy as possible to get started with hydroponics!

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